We like to... ask Y & Y not





  • We want

    Newness &

    To Challenge &
    To be inspired
    To Make a difference
    Earn our


  • We are



    Change makers

  • Our


    Ideas &


We are Generation

We are redefining this world
with our own World

The World of

Come let's enjo building it together!

Enter the world of

for the young, by the young

A Game Based mobile
virtual world where anyone Young can...

A Game Based mobile
virtual world where anyone Young can...


Value for your Time invested

Earn Solo

  • Challenge or Team-up

    With friend, family

  • Leaderboards,

    Rewards & Recognition

    Get Popular. Get Rewarded

  • Make a Difference

    Virtual & Real
    Social Contribution
    through Y.S.R
    (Young Social Response)

A Game Based mobile
virtual world where anyone Young can...

  • Yupee

    The young rupee

    Virtual money
    with real value

  • From multiple EARNing options

  • Prep & lEarn

    Preps & Tests was never so Rewarding & Fun

  • Coming Soon

    Read & Earn

    Enjoy Earning while reading news & more

  • Hobbies & interests

    Sports, Movies, Fashion, Cooking, History & more
    Crack quiz based cards & Earn rewards

  • Earn from Apps

    Apps on your phone could now earn you rewards



  • mY Views

    Share you views, reviews, opinions & earn

  • Shop & Earn

    Earn Yupees Cashbacks with any and every spend

A Game Based mobile
virtual world where anyone Young can...


Your Yupees Earnings

Get Exciting Rewards, Cool Y offers
Everything Y !

In Ykart ykart image

For the Young
By the Young

For the Young & By the Young

For GenY

The Enablers

i.e. The Young @ Heart Parents,Family,Friends

Enjoy Engaging and Encouraging GenY in exciting lEarning experiences

But remember, it’s the world of Y and you are here For GenY !

For the Young & By the Young

By GenY

The lEarners

i.e The Young & enterprising Tweens & Teens, High School & college Young Professionals

It’s Y(our) world… Enjoy it with Friends, Family and everyone at large

lEarn your independence Make an impact & Get popular!

For the Young & By the Young

Encouraged by

The Coolest Y-Brands

Academia, Industry, Government Exclusively For GenY!

Get Popular. Get Rewarded
Start Earning & Become a Yupee Millionaire

Yonomy Logo

YSR is our Young version
of Social impact (CSR)

Nurture Young
Enterprising Minds

Engage next generations as...

  • Responsible Creators, Citizens
    and Consumers
  • Co-creators of ideas,
    Innovations & wealth
  • Job creators and not just
    Job seekers

Our 1st YSR initiative

  • Orient Enterprising Young Minds on fundamentals
    of Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Driven byLearn
  • In partnership with Biz World
    World's Largest movement teaching
    Entrepreneurship to 500,000 Young Minds


A virtual Contribution from Yupees Earnings
in the Yonomy (Young Earning Economy)
EARNers can choose impact areas where they want their Ytax to be contributed
And also get Rewarded / Recognised as Ytax Contributors.

A Mission to Nurture Young
Enterprising Minds

being enterprising is a way
of life & can be applied in any sphere
of life or occupation
& young mind are enterprising

Ybiz Ventures

Ybiz Ventures, started with the purpose of Nurturing Young Enterprising
Minds and evolved to build a game based fun yet clean "consumption" environment
of Everything Young (for GenY and by GenY).

Driven by Ybiz’s proprietary algorithm of "LEarn inside" and our YEconomy, the
Ybiz journey is about continuously conceiving and creating fun LEarn (Learn
and earn) based concepts, formats, apps that nurture Young Enterprising
Minds and drive responsible consumption (Ycommerce) in our next generations
of consumers and influencers.

Driven by the passion of its founders and young team of Co-creators, we have
imagineered the World of Y as Young Parents, Young Minds, Credible Experts,
by asking Y-not and are driven with the possibilities of setting a new paradigm
of LEarning – from anything and everything !

Invite you to join us in this journeY !

To Partner

If you have anything
to offer for GenY

Y & Y-not

Ask queries (Y) and share
feedback (Ynot) to make
the world of Y a lot more cooler !